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Alchemy GlowBank

Save on your Tox + Treatments

Every month a $149 payment will be credited to your Glow Bank and is yours to use on skin products, injectables, and services. Everything deposited into your Glow Bank is yours to use and never expires. Enjoy exclusive perks and savings only available to our Glow Bank members. This will easily become the holy grail program for clients that are consistently or want to start consistently visiting us for their skin health, GlowTox, filler and facial need


Members Receive


Fillers $150 off any syringe
15% off Products + Treatments

Discounts throughout the year on other treatments

Funds accrue in your Glow Wallet every month and can be used towards treatments

and retail purchases.

A 90 day membership commitment with a 30 day written cancellation sent to All accrued funds must be used before cancellation date to receive member pricing.

Schedule your next visit to start your membership plan. 


Split big costs into smaller monthly payments with Cherry! Let your money go further and take better control of your cash flow when you pay in installments with Cherry. 

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